If you are looking for a location for your next kite surfing destination then stop, Egypt has flat warm waters and a choice of locations, Hurghada, Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, and Safaga. With the help of surfing app it is possible now that we can see action in surfing.

1) Hurghada:

Hurghada started of as a sleepy fishing village, but now one of Egypt’s premiere kite surfing destinations. Hurghada is a busy town and offers a range of restaurants and light life, including top names such as Pacha and Ministry of Sound. The kite surfing in Hurghada offers a combination of flat water lagoons and wave riding in the surf, perfect for advanced riders. The wind is very consistent throughout the year and an average temperature of mid twenties suits most visitors.

There is two main kite surf centers in Hurghada, Colona Water sports and Tommy Freidl Pro Centre. Colona Water sports are situated in the Magawish Village Hotel resort and perfect for families as it boasts a pool and evening entertainment. The lagoon for kite surfing is shallow and protected by a reef, making perfect conditions for beginners and intermediates wanting to improve.

2) Dahab:

Dahab is more off the beaten track; it has a more local feel than other tailor-made holidays resorts. It has some incredible beaches and a relaxed atmosphere, offering local shops and walks along the beach paths it is less developed than Hurghada. Kite surfing conditions in Dahab are some of the best, a natural ocean lagoon, protected by a huge sandbank create bath warm waters ideal for beginners and advanced. Past the sandbank, advanced kite surfers have open water to practice jumps and freestyle moves, safe in the knowledge windsurfing and kite surfing zones are kept separated.

3) Sharm:

Sharm El Sheikh attracts scuba divers from all over the world for its crystal clean waters and perfect marine life. Located in the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm has now become a Mecca for kite surfing. Again, the kite surfing bay is protected by a reef ideal for learning, or those advanced riders busting out flat water power moves. Out past the reef there are a number of wave spots ideal for strapless surfing or jumping. A great choice for a relaxing holiday, slightly less hectic than Hurghada, the friendly atmosphere will have you wanting for more.

4) Safaga:

Safaga has something for all skill levels and boasts a number of kite surfing centers offing lessons. The area has shallow clear waters ideal for the sport with a relaxed but busy atmosphere. The area has slightly less winds than some of the other spots but the local centre host daily boat trips upwind to a sandbar, which is a paradise for any kite surfer. They offer hot or cold drinks during the 10 minute ride and during this time you can get to know your fellow kite surfers and talk shop about what you did right or wrong while out on the water.