With car paint protection Adelaide you can trust in choosing them to protect your vehicle and doing it right the first time by offering far superior products, service, and advice to our loyal customers. Here at M&M Auto Detailing we know how great of a product 3M Paint Protection is.  For something as valuable and precious as your car, doesn’t it make sense to protect it? That is what 3M Paint Protection film does – protect!  Surprisingly, many people don’t even know this product exists.  Allow us to explain:

What Is It?

No car can look like new forever. But your car can maintain that showroom sheen for far longer than you may think. Car Paint Protection Film – called “clear bra” by those who know what they’re talking about – is a layer of ultra-durable material that is virtually invisible to the naked eye, and offers your vehicle unparalleled resistance to wear and tear.

What Does It Do?

Wear and tear happens to all vehicles on the road. Flying debris leaves scratches and dents, bugs leaves stains and marks, sand and dust damages the paintwork – day in and day out your car is being hit by a number of damaging elements.

Car paint protection film places a clear and practically imperceptible barrier between these elements and your new auto. Utilizing technology used by the US military and NASCAR drivers, the tough and durable scotchgard film shields your car against anything the outside world can throw at it.

Our technicians can apply clear bra to frequently scratched and dented areas like the front bumpers, hoods, side mirrors, door handle cavities, door edges, rocker panels, and rear fender panels to keep your car looking better for longer.

Why Should I Use It?

Scratches Happen

Even the gentlest and most well maintained roads, from quiet suburbs to brand new highways, have the potential to damage your vehicle. No road is free from chips of rocks, hard pieces of trash, spilled materials that can stain your paintwork, or countless other annoying hazards.

If you drive your car, it’ll age, and the only defense is a good layer of protection. 3M Paint Protection Film will significantly limit any threats the real world might pose to that showroom shine, and will in turn maintain your car’s value far longer.

You’ll Never Notice It’s Even There

A professionally applied layer of protection film is like another layer of skin. 3M film’s finish is designed for ultra-smoothness, both in the material it is made from and in the instillation process. This instillation is a painstaking procedure that uses a combination of soapy water, alcohol and heat to apply an practically invisible protective layer that lets the car’s original finish shine through in all its glory, while at the same time protecting that same finish against damage. If we do our job right, you’ll even forget it’s there.

If It’s Good Enough for the US Military….

Cutting edge military technology has led to some of the materials that make your everyday life so much easier (the microwave in your kitchen, the GPS on your phone, the duct tape in your garage) and protection film is no different.  Clear urethane protection film was first used during the Vietnam War to protect helicopter blades from flying debris, keeping them in pristine condition for far longer, avoiding the need for the entire rotor blade to be replaced regularly.

It proved an even bigger help during Operation Desert Storm in the early 1990s, where it was applied to combat vehicles to protect them from dust. The technology was gradually adapted by race car technicians, and has now reached the point where you can get it for your road car too.

If paint protection film can withstand these conditions, imagine the level of protection it offers to ordinary road drivers!

Custom Installation Offers Better Protection

Custom installation means that your clear bra will be optimized specifically for your car, providing an even smoother and more seamless look, while providing additional protection on the smooth curves and sharp edges of your vehicle’s’ body.

We highly recommend professional installation of this product to ensure the product is properly applied.

Warranty Protection

While earlier brands of paint protection film were known to crack, fade, or to begin to yellow over time, the current situation is quite different. The technology has now come a long way, and 3M protection film offers an unparalleled active lifetime, with a warranty to prove it.

Why 3M?

3M Paint Protection Film is the only film licensed for use by NASCAR race teams and is the choice for new car manufacturers worldwide, simply because it is a brand that has proved trustworthy time and time again. It is resistant to staining and fading, requires no maintenance to remain as new, and offers unmatched durability.

What’s more 3M Scotchgard can be removed safely without damaging the paintwork, making it an excellent choice for both owned and leased vehicles.

Interested in having your cherished vehicle protected with 3M Scotchgard? Call M&M today!