Pilates teacher training Sydney will help you learning the comprehensive repertoire of the Pilates Method, you will study the history and development of the Pilates Method, philosophy and principles of the Pilates Method, anatomy and physiology, biomechanical analysis of movement, postural assessment and correction, special populations, conditions and injury. There was a time when pregnancy yoga was sought after for a better delivery. But the trend has changed. Nowadays pregnant women are opting for pilates as it helps to make the body strong to bear the birth of a child. There are major reasons why you should opt for pregnancy pilates Adelaide.

  • Better Labour: Pilates work on improving one’s body mobility rather than the flexibility aspect. During pregnancy the body should be free from any kind of aches and tightness. Rather it should be mobile enough to stretch the ligaments. The hormone that is released during pregnancy, namely Relaxin causes the body to become more flexible which in turn makes the joints and ligaments vulnerable towards tear and rupture. But with Pilates one can counteract this action. With the body becoming mobile, it becomes easy to bear labour and childbirth. Moreover, the art of breathing is a vital part of Pilates. This comes handy during contractions.
  • Boost In The Energy Levels: Pilates helps to boost energy and improves the overall immune and circulation system. Thus one can enjoy pregnancy in a much better and energized fashion. Once the baby is delivered, you can again go back to working out with the same energy.
  • Make Your Body Ready For The Future: Pilates are for one’s body what oil is for your car’s engine. It keeps your joints in place, slows down the ageing process, and improves overall balance and posture. Kids can be quite demanding both physically and mentally. With Pilates you can always keep one step ahead both in the body and in your mind.
  • Improves The Core: During pregnancy and at childbirth, the abdominal muscles stretch to the maximum capacity, which is otherwise not possible. Once you deliver the child, the abdominal muscles take a lot of time to get back in their original position. They become soft and lax. Thus it become important for you to take measures to get back in shape as soon as possible. Pilates helps you achieve this while taking into consideration your body type, mobility and overall capability. Opt for postnatal Pilate session to improve your core to the fullest.
  • Do Proper Research: Before you start pregnancy pilates Adelaide make sure that the instructor is a certified one and has adequate knowledge in pre and post pregnancy pilates. If required have a discussion with your doctor as well. Listen to what he has to suggest.