Childcare Courses requires good skills in communication and speak in different language so that he/she is flexible in talking to different people. If you were hiring yourself for a public communications position with your own business, of course, how would you rate your communications skills, excellent, average or needs work?

If you rated yourself excellent, where in your life did you polish your skills most? Was it interacting with others Network Marketing, or was it at a communication course or acting class, practicing among friends or loved ones or just listening and copying well-spoken mentors?

Perhaps communicating effectively is a gift or talent you possess. So how are your skills on a scale of one to ten?

Now ask yourself when you were a child growing up when you first found your voice? Was it at home, with your friends, at school or at your first community clubs or classes or was it a combination of all of these.

Now ask yourself what some of the obstacles communicating with others you have had to overcome?

Maybe you came from a bilingual family growing up, or did your family dynamic help you to be heard and help you speak up? Did school leave you in a class with 30 other voices competing for a little time and attention, or did the clubs and classes you belonged to discourage or just not encourage your vocal participation.

As an adult there may be other obstacles you have encountered communicating just around your personality, never mind environment. Some people are naturally shy or more introverted attracting those very same personalities to them, while others are held back by following the wrong group.

The bottom line is that we all may some varying degree of obstacles to overcome so we can be effective communicators. The alternative is to let the world dictate how we thing, feel or act.

I would encourage you, if you were like me growing up with all kinds of unpreventable reasons why I didn’t learn to be an effective communicator, to make a decision today and start changing.

First make it your goal to want to more communication skills. Whatever set backs you have experienced have probably made you more aware of how you can change and what you would like to improve.

Don’t wait, get out of your comfort zone today. Phone a friend or someone you want to be friends with who communicates in a way you want to, as well. Spend time with them and pick up on their habits.

Sign up for a Toastmasters Course today! I go every week and it is helping me way beyond what I imagined.

Look at yourself in the mirror and have a conversation. Take a risk and tell a joke out loud.

As adults there is no reason why you can’t improve your communications skills. If you are in Network Marketing, you are already on your way to becoming an effective communicator!

This article is written by Monica Odenwald, Independent Representative for Fortune High Tech Marketing on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. []

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