Located in the heart of the CBD, the Royal Botanic Gardens is an obvious choice for the perfect Sydney picnic spots experience. Though the economy has it’s up and downs, company picnics are the one thing your company should not cut out of the budget. This one day may not seem important on the surface, but it can really serve many purposes within among your employees and within your company. Think about it as more than a lost work day or a drain on funds, instead think about the following benefits your company will reap all year long.

Thank employees for their hard work.

Let’s face it. Without good employees your business would go nowhere. So, company picnics are a great way to show workers how much their diligence means to you. Rewarding everyone with a fun day away from the office with promises of food, entertainment, and games is the perfect way to say thanks! People will work harder when their efforts are applauded.

Boost morale within the company.

Employees that are happy and feel good about the company they work for will be more productive. They are aware that not every company goes out of it’s way to throw a company picnic, so it will be very much appreciated. It’s the extras that build long term loyalty and make an employee truly love the company they work for.

Strengthen bonds between employees.  

Company picnics are the perfect way to build teamwork and camaraderie. It is the perfect environment for employees to let their guards down and get to know one another. People who work in different departments and others who are not normally able to interact on an everyday basis will get a chance to talk in a laid back atmosphere. Company picnics are about building connections that just can’t be made in the office.

Show your company values family.

Everyone wants to work for a company that understands family comes first. All year long, there are meetings and other functions that are for workers only, so opening up the company picnic to families shows your support. An added bonus is the connections now felt between your company and the spouses and children of your employees.

A fun day for employees and executives, alike!

The most important thing is that everyone just have a good time. Company picnics allow everyone to step outside the normal environment and forget the stress of the work day. Be sure to create a fun atmosphere by having activities for the kids, team building games for the adults and exciting entertainment for all!

Remember, company picnics are not a waste of time or money. When done right, employees will leave feeling rejuvenated, appreciated, and motivated. Your company will be seeing the benefits long after the event. Don’t waste find the right company for picnic, check out this one.