There are a variety of paint protection courses and tutorials on the internet. Many of these claim to offer in depth knowledge of the auto body and paint business. They also claim to be user friendly, with an easily learnable interface. While this is often not the case with many car painting courses offered via the internet, the outstanding course offered at meets and then exceeds all of these claims.

The course at will enable you to learn a variety of helpful tips to improve you DIY car painting experience. For example, you will be able to differentiate the different types of paint that you can buy at the auto body shop. In addition to learning the different types of paint, you will learn the proper techniques for employing them on your DIY car painting project. This is a crucial lesson that is often glanced over in other tutorials. This course spends time teaching you the basics then expands on the details to such an extent that even the novice will be able to create a professional paint job.

In addition, offers many of the lessons in e-book form. This can be helpful if it necessary to refer back to a specific lesson. The e-books are also quite easy to understand and are written in a personal style that many will find easy to understand. The author, Tony Bandalos, shares his years of experience in a way that makes you feel like he is right in the room helping you with the project. They come with many detailed pictures that show a before and after example using a car that the author actually painted. This is quite helpful as many courses do not show the customer a step-by-step progression using the same car.

Furthermore, the course has a DVD. You may have already noticed that the course offers the lessons in multiple media formats. This versatility enables the customer to decide which format he or she is most comfortable with. Creating lessons that are versatile, easy to use, and that contain in depth information really make this course rise above the other offerings online. When deciding which course to spend your hard earned money on, do yourself a favor and choose this one. You and your car will not regret it and will more than likely be thanking Tony upon completion of your project.